Digital Marketing and Analytics


27 years

Savonia UAS

Starting year

Field of study
Business Administration and Economics

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Work fields seeking

Automotive, Administration, IT, Retail, Art and Culturee, Business, Tourism, Service industry, Timber, Technology, Communications

Work areas seeking

Ilomantsi, Joensuu, Juuka, Kitee, Kontiolahti, Lieksa, Liperi, Nurmes, Outokumpu, Polvijärvi, Rääkkylä, Tohmajärvi, Valtimo, Iisalmi, Juankoski, Kaavi, Keitele, Kiuruvesi, Kuopio, Lapinlahti, Leppävirta, Maaninka, Nilsiä, Pielavesi, Rautalampi, Rautavaara, Siilinjärvi, Sonkajärvi, Suonenjoki, Tervo, Tuusniemi, Varkaus, Vesanto, Vieremä

Work types seeking

Internships, Thesis work, Part-time work, Summer work, Full-time work

  • University of Sargodha , MBA, Marketing , graduated 2022
Work experience
  • Rafum Group Pakistan , 05.04.2021 - 19.08.2023, Area Sales Manager
Language skills
  • English, Laudable
  • Finnish, Poor
Special skills

Computer skills

Profession related special skills
Hygiene Pass

Additional text
I am particularly interested in roles that allow me to leverage my strong educational background and diverse work experience. I enjoy roles that challenge me and provide opportunities for growth and learning. I am particularly drawn to positions that allow me to make a positive impact on the organization and its customers.rnIn terms of the work I would like to do, I am interested in roles that involve strategic planning, team leadership, and data-driven decision making. I enjoy analyzing data to drive business decisions, and I am always eager to learn new technologies and methodologies that can help in this regard.rnAs for why an employer should choose me, I believe my unique blend of skills and experiences sets me apart. I have a strong academic background with degrees in Digital Marketing and Analytics and an MBA. I also have valuable work experience in the retail sector, where I managed sales, oversaw staff, and conducted market research. rnIn addition to my academic qualifications and work experience, I have honed my skills in MS Office and have certifications in SEO and Content Marketing. I have also completed a SAP course and am currently learning SQL and Power BI. My ability to quickly learn and adapt to new situations, coupled with my strong work ethic and positive attitude, make me an excellent candidate for any role.rnI look forward to bringing my strong work ethic, commitment to excellence, and passion for learning to a new challenge. Thank you for considering my application.

Know-how in the web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdulwahab96


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