Information of creating the job seeker profile

By creating your own job seeker profile in the opiskelijatöihin.fi –service the employers will find you! The employers can contact you directly through the service and leave a note to your email.

The students at Universities of Applied Sciences and Vocational Colleges in North Savo regions are accepted as users of the service and seek regional vacancies. The information given in the job seeker profile will be checked before publishing it on the opiskelijatöihin.fi webpage.

In the service you can tell your interest in summer or part-time jobs, practical training or look for an assignment for your thesis. Using your password you have access to modify or delete the information of your job seeker profile when proceeding in your studies and it’s time e.g. to do the practical training.

Your job seeker profile is valid for 3 months at a time. When the validity is about to expire you will be given instructions on extending the validity by email.


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