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Mechanical Engineering - Industrial Management


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Hallinto ja toimisto, Liiketalous, Viestintä, Humanistinen ja kasvatusala, Teollisuus, IT, Palveluala, Matkailu, Kuljetus ja liikenne

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Kuopio, Varkaus

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  • University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria, Bachelor of Public Administration, Public Administration, valmistunut 2013
  • University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria, Diploma in Accounting, Accounting, valmistunut 2005
  • Liberation Academy, Senior School Certificate Examination, NECO, valmistunut 2002
  • Benin City Mall, Edo State Government, January 2022 - August 2023, Draft letters, memos, and send out emails as requested by Board Director ? Prepare weekly and monthly reports on the status and performance of leasing activities ? Develop and maintain a long term beneficial relationship with all existing Retail groups ? Meet and negotiate with potential retailers or tenants to secure the deals and submit offers. ? Prepares a target list of the prospective customers, both local and international suitable for the type of areas available for leasing in the mall, in order to generate interest in the mall ? Communicate with the client and regionals as needed or required. ? Develop and maintain relationships with network of business/partners future tenants. ? Explain to tenants the terms of a lease, amount to be paid and period of payment. ? Negotiate leasing terms and lease documents based on the board resolutions. ? Prepare offer letters, issuing lease agreements & addendums based on negotiated terms. ? Perform all responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner. ? Prepare lease documents accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Data To MEGA Project, Edo State Government, January 2021 - January 2022, Coordinates/organize the Media and Calls Team ? Extracts data of vulnerable/poorest from Edo State Social Welfare Register ? Prepare, split and share the data for members of the team to call. ? Monitor and ensure team members carries out their assigned task Agho Kingsley Otabor - Resume 2 | P a g e ? Sort out the verified data and forward for empowerment. ? Represent the organization in radio and T.V. interviews. ? Coordinates the team in drafting and development of contents for Social Media ? Review, proofread and edit content for graphics, print and social media.
  • Edo Information For Development Project, Edo State Government, November 2017 - December 2020, Coordinates the Communications Team ? Develop key promotional messages in consultation with the outdoor team ? Coordinate and organize awareness raising campaigns, information dissemination, etc. for target groups. ? Coordinate the team in drafting and development of contents for internal and external communication ? Develop and consolidate strong media ties to confirm widespread outreach to public and business partners. ? Review, proofread and edit content for graphics, print and social media. ? Identify locations in Edo State that lacks basic infrastructural development; Liaise with the residents; and give feedback to the state governor for prompt action. ? Assist in conducting awareness raising campaigns, events, information dissemination, etc. for target groups.
  • Manager, Data To MEGA, Edo State Government, Ruth Mayaki-Titus
  • Englanti, Äidinkieli
  • Suomi, Heikko

Tietotekninen osaaminen
■ Online Google Forms & Docs
■ Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office
■ Social Media Manager
■ Web Application and Interface Manager
■ Software Installations
■ Graphics Design and Branding

Ammatillinen osaaminen
■ Driving School Certificate
■HSE Certificate
■ Project Management Certificate

Vapaa teksti
My name is Agho Kingsley Otabor, a student of Savonia University of Applied Sciences currently studying Bachelor in Engineering – Industrial Management. I am Nigerian by birth and citizenship. Presently, I live in Varkaus and currently learning the Finnish language.

I have developed experience in areas of logistics, business development, customer service, administration, communications & ICT related jobs. More so, I possess exceptional human relations skills, as well as good oral and written communication skills in English Language. I am extremely computer proficient, advanced in the use of the internet which includes designing of Online Google documents/forms and have a good understanding of Microsoft Office.

My experience as Communications Personnel as well as my previous experience for over five years in a closely related administrative and customer service roles is provides a guarantee of the experience I bring, I shall prove to be a worthy and deserving choice by discharging my duties in an excellent and exceptionally professional manner.

I believe I can make a positive contribution to your organization. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to joining your team.

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