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Mechanical Engineering - Industrial Management


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Hallinto ja toimisto, Viestintä, Teollisuus, IT, Palveluala, Tekniikka, Kuljetus ja liikenne

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Kuopio, Varkaus

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  • University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria, Bachelor of Public Administration, Public Administration, valmistunut 2013
  • Benin City Mall, January 2022 - August 2023, Draft letters, memos, and send out emails as requested by Board Director ? Prepare weekly and monthly reports on the status and performance of leasing activities ? Develop and maintain a long term beneficial relationship with all existing Retail groups ? Meet and negotiate with potential retailers or tenants to secure the deals and submit offers. ? Prepares a target list of the prospective customers, both local and international suitable for the type of areas available for leasing in the mall, in order to generate interest in the mall ? Communicate with the client and regionals as needed or required. ? Develop and maintain relationships with network of business/partners future tenants. ? Explain to tenants the terms of a lease, amount to be paid and period of payment. ? Negotiate leasing terms and lease documents based on the board resolutions. ? Prepare offer letters, issuing lease agreements & addendums based on negotiated terms. ? Perform all responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner. ? Prepare lease documents accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Data To MEGA, January 2021 - January 2022, Coordinates/organize the Media and Calls Team ? Extracts data of vulnerable/poorest from Edo State Social Welfare Register ? Prepare, split and share the data for members of the team to call. ? Monitor and ensure team members carries out their assigned task Agho Kingsley Otabor - Resume 2 | P a g e ? Sort out the verified data and forward for empowerment. ? Represent the organization in radio and T.V. interviews. ? Coordinates the team in drafting and development of contents for Social Media ? Review, proofread and edit content for graphics, print and social media.
  • Itadon Ogbebor Team Lead Pikkunoita Siivous Palvelut Oy Finland +35845809688
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  • Suomi, Tyydyttävä

Tietotekninen osaaminen
■ Organizational Skillsrn■ Communication Skillsrn■ Leadership Skillsrn■ Adaptabilityrn■ Ability to with little or no supervisionrn■ Self Motivated with an eagerness to learnrn■ Google Docs & Formsrn■ Microsoft Office Docs & Forms rn■ Microsoft Office Skillsrn■ Social Media Manager rn■ Web Application and Interface Managerrn■ Software Installations

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■Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)rn■ Project Management

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I am a Otabor Kingsley Agho, currently studying pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Engineering Industrial Management at Savonia University of Applied Sciences and I reside in Varkaus, Finland. I am a passionate person who has a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. Before deciding to take this path, I developed experience in administration, logistics and communications.rnrnI am result–oriented, flexible, considerate, and proactive. My work over the years has helped develop my administrative, organizational, leadership, adaptability, analytical, communicative and I. T. skills. I can work very well in a team and am able to work independently when required. I am a fast learner and easily adapts to new work environments. As I study, I desire a place where I can learn, practice, grow and build possibly build my career.rnrnKind regards,rnrnAgho Kinglsey OtaborrnOtkings101@gmail.com

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