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Avenida Flota de Indias 41011, Seville

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Paid assistant director internship in an English academy in Malaga

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Our collaborator is one of the top English Academies based in Malaga, Spain, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Education. Currently, they have more than 50 centers all around Spain.

They offer English classes for all ages and levels and they are official Trinity and TOEFL examination centers, and a Cambridge preparation center. This internship program is particularly beneficial to those applicants who are interested in obtaining professional development experience in education under the supervision of experienced professionals in the field. Interns will have ample opportunity to teach, assist the academy director, and will, in turn, receive feedback on their teaching and auxiliary tasks.

The main tasks include:

Assist the Director: Collaborate closely with the academy director on administrative tasks and project management.
Management Tasks: Assist in the coordination of academic programs, schedules, and curriculum planning.
Customer Support: Act as a point of contact for students and parents, addressing inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally.
Teaching Assistance: Assist with some English classes for students under the guidance of experienced instructors. Provide tutoring and support to students who require additional assistance.
Data Collection.
C1 level of English proficiency
Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Organizational and time management abilities
Enthusiastic about education and language learning
Willingness to learn and adapt
Attention to detail

Monthly stipend of 300 euros.
Access to language classes to further improve your English skills.
Opportunity for potential long-term employment with the academy after satisfactory completion of the internsip.
Gain valuable experience in the field of education and management.
Internship Location- Malaga.

Remuneration- 300 EUR/ month.

Internship hours- 30 hours/ week.

Duration- September- June (minimum 3 months).

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