Bachelor of Engineering


24 years

Savonia UAS

Starting year

Field of study
Information Technology, Internet of Things (IoT)

Bachelor of Engineering

Work fields seeking

Automotive, IT, Metal and Machinery, Technology

Work areas seeking

Ilomantsi, Joensuu, Juuka, Kitee, Kontiolahti, Lieksa, Liperi, Nurmes, Outokumpu, Polvijärvi, Rääkkylä, Tohmajärvi, Valtimo, Iisalmi, Juankoski, Kaavi, Keitele, Kiuruvesi, Kuopio, Lapinlahti, Leppävirta, Maaninka, Nilsiä, Pielavesi, Rautalampi, Rautavaara, Siilinjärvi, Sonkajärvi, Suonenjoki, Tervo, Tuusniemi, Varkaus, Vesanto, Vieremä

Work types seeking

Internships, Thesis work, Part-time work, Summer work, Full-time work, Entrepreneurship

  • Faridpur Polytechnic Institute, Civil Technology, Vocational Education, graduated 2019
Work experience
  • Savonia University of Applied Science, January 2023 - June 2023, I worked in Water process lab and Smart Factory lab in Savonia UAS. Apparently, I have done Mindsphere waterprocess cloud data anlysis and develop the digital twin for the water process machine. After finnish this task, I worked in Smart factory Lab and done Smart Factory cloud data analysis and develop the Augmented Reality(AR) task.
  • Holobiont Oy, June 2023 - August 2023, Experienced in Mobile Application Development with a focus on creating, testing, and deploying applications for IoT data collection. Skilled in Cloud Structure Implementation, contributing to the design and implementation of secure and scalable solutions for data storage and analytics from IoT devices. Proven ability in Team Collaboration, actively participating in coding, debugging, and successful project execution within cross-functional teams.
  • University of Eastern Finland, October 2023 - Current, Robot Operating System (ROS) software development and testing. I work with the Mobile Robot at #EF, #HUMEA Lab in Kuopio
Language skills
  • English, Laudable
  • Finnish, Poor
Special skills

Computer skills
Technical Programming Skill:rnLanguage: C, C#, and Python. [HTML, CSS, JS]

Profession related special skills
Certifications:rnBig Data Foundations - Level 1rnMATLABrnAutoCAD 2D & 3DrnHygieniapassirnDriving license A, B

Additional text
My approach to learning is characterized by a positive attitude and unwavering patience. I viewrnchallenges as opportunities for growth, and my academic journey, currently pursuing a Bachelor ofrnEngineering in the Internet of Things (IoT), attests to my commitment to continuous improvement. Irnbelieve that this attitude, coupled with my strong foundation in programming languages and hands-rnon experience with various robotics systems, positions me as an adaptable learner ready to thrive inrnthe dynamic environment of any company\'s IT position.

Know-how in the web: https://pramanic.fi/


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