Internet of Things


22 years

Savonia UAS

Starting year

Field of study
Information Technology

Internet of Things

Work fields seeking

Administration, Well being, IT, Beauty, Property management, Tourism, Construction, Technology, Textile industry, Industrial sector, Healthcare and Social Science, Security, Communications

Work areas seeking


Work types seeking

Internships, Thesis work, Part-time work, Summer work, Full-time work

  • Wycheley International School, Computer Science, 2017, graduated 2019
Work experience
    • Character Certificate from the Embassador of Finland in Sri Lanka
    Language skills
    • English, Native language
    • Finnish, Good
    Special skills

    Computer skills
    I have learnt C programming and C sharp programming. I have selft taught and currently learning python. I have knowledge in creating website so I am familiar with css, html and java in my previous study education.

    Profession related special skills
    Residence permit that is eligible to work for 30 hours a week

    Additional text
    I would like to work as a cleaner because hygiene is very important to me personally so I keep almost everything very clean. I would also love to work in any tech companies since my future goal is to be a specialist in this field. I also got the World Prize for Computer Science in my previous education. I am always willing to learn and keep myself occupied with something to learn since knowledge is everything to me.

    Know-how in the web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdulnizer/


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