Master\\\'s Degree


34 years

Savonia UAS

Starting year

Field of study
Global Public Health

Master\\\'s Degree

Work fields seeking

Administration, Healthcare and Social Science, Scientific sector, Well being

Work areas seeking

Iisalmi, Juankoski, Kaavi, Keitele, Kiuruvesi, Kuopio, Lapinlahti, Leppävirta, Maaninka, Nilsiä, Pielavesi, Rautalampi, Rautavaara, Siilinjärvi, Sonkajärvi, Suonenjoki, Tervo, Tuusniemi, Varkaus, Vesanto, Vieremä

Work types seeking

Thesis work, Full-time work

  • National Polytechnic University Institute(NPUI)), Medical and Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Nursing, graduated 2011
Work experience
  • ESSE DISTRICT HOSPITAL, April 2017 - June 2021, • Ensure that all the documentation related to patients is accurately taken care of so that the patients receive the best care. • Ensure sterilization concerning Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) requirements. My role was to supervise that these requirements are thoroughly met. • Communicate detailed medical reports of patients self as well as to their families under clinical supervision when necessary. • Supervision of inventory keeping to ensure adequacy at all times • Took the authorization of protocols concerning treatment and admission time of patients. • Supervised daily administrative operations, monitored expenses and suggested cost-effective alternatives • Created quarterly and annual budgets,developed and implemented effective policies for all operational procedures. • Prepared work schedules, maintained organized medical and employee records, monitored administrative staff’s performance,ensured prompt ordering and stocking of medical and office supplies. • Answered queries from doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff, managed the health information material in the Health Unit, • Acted as a supervisor and resource person for the management of infectious diseases, prepared draft orders for medical supplies and monitored medical supply budgets.
  • NDOP DISTRICT HOSPITAL, August 2015 - April 2017, • Managed a team of nurses to provide intensive emergency care and medical support in crises. • Performed patient intake for crisis and physical trauma cases, administering first-response care and giving pain management medication. • Supported medical professionals, including surgeons, physicians, and various other treatment specialists, developed treatment and medication plans for emergency room patients in order to set them up for a successful recovery after crisis or trauma. • Managed the room preparation for patients visiting the emergency room including sterilization of medical instruments and sanitization of surfaces before and after patient visits ensuring effective and efficient emergency operational procedures with personal protective equipment following standard precautions,confidentially shared reports with various medical professionals and treatment counsellors in order to develop recovery treatment plans • Identified causative organisms rapidly and accurately to species level • Performed accurate susceptibility testing • Assisted in the recognition and control of disease outbreaks.
  • AYOS HEALTH DISTRICT, April 2012 - August 2015, • Coordinated and led laboratory information systems(LIS) projects from planning to completion. Gathered requirements, configure LIS, installed LIS and trained all categories of users • Involved in community healthcare services, doing patient consultation, hospitalization and treatment, also led community sensitization campaigns in case of a pandemic or epidemic • Involved in Medical and surgical Nursing care, identifying and treating patients with infectious diseases in the community, collecting blood samples and other specimens for laboratory tests and analysis • Participated in vaccination campaigns,site vaccination,health education of women and children, counselling, emergency Nursing, wound care, suturing, immobilization of fractures with splints and bandaging • Conducted deliveries and referred patients to appropriate healthcare settings for proper Healthcare management if necessary,always created awareness through community sensitization in case of an epidemic or pandemic. • worked on projects requiring both qualitative and quantitative analytical skills.
  • Cameroon Ministry of Public Health
  • Deggendorf university of applied sciences
  • Savonia university of applied sciences
Language skills
  • English, Laudable
  • French, Laudable
Special skills

Computer skills
I have the ability to use a variety of computer software and programs proficiently and I have the training and skills needed to supervise a multidisciplinary team while focusing on project goals and objectives. I have the skills to create material to use when in the field to help the team understand what they offer/do and how it can benefit the Nation as a whole.Excellent operational skills in Microsoft Office, Research & HIV Epidemiology surveillance, Medical Laboratory staff training, MS Excel, Word and Office,power point, Management, Teamwork, Team building, team Leadership.Excellent operation skills with data visualization applications.

Profession related special skills
• Knowledge of medical terminology and hospital industry with a solid understanding of healthcare procedures and regulations rn• Basic accounting skills and familiarity with medical transcription, excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to supervise and train team members rn• Ability to maintain a sterile emergency room and to operate and interact with medical equipment used for surgery, excellent ability to educate medical staff and patients on various health matters with a strong understanding of community healthrn• Speak and write English and French.

Additional text
I am an enthusiastic Global public health administrator with human resource management experience eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail, and excellent organizational skills. A clear understanding of health information system projects, and health using health data to improve management and resolve challenges. Motivated to learn, grow, and excel in the field of global public health, healthcare management and administration as well as big data analytics and management. I have excellent communication skills and I am experienced in dealing with customers, executives and employees of all levels. I am passionate about finding the best way to complete the mission and I have demonstrated the successful leadership of projects under my supervision. My work experience and excellent leadership skills allow me to improve employee cooperation with both internal and external partners.I possess excellent verbal and writing skills and I speak two languages – English and French. I also have a very persuasive personality that helps to convince funders that our work and results are the best. I have the ability to keep accurate records of all work done in the field, actions taken and client/stakeholder comments and concerns for future references.I have outstanding organizational skills with the ability to plan, coordinate, and supervise special events that will help promote the government’s activities, goals, interests, and services as far as healthcare or public health is concern. I have the knowledge, training, and motivation to ensure that all events go according to plan. If problems do arise, I have the ability to stay calm and to find a suitable solution immediately to reduce the impact that it has on the outcome of the projectI believe with my knowledge,skills and expertise i will excel in your organisation most especially in health and social care.


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